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“I got the score of 66% for my marketing essay, which is good enough for me. I really didn't know what to write for the last part. Jason helped me pull my thoughts together and made me confident to continue writing. I never doubt that my essay would go to the wrong direction.”

Kathy Thomas, International Business, University of Birmingham

“I got the score of 70% for Global Policy and Economics. I also took the first place in the group for presentation. The total grade is 71% and my first presentation for Marketing also ranked the first in the group.”

Xize Sun, MBA, University of Manchester

“I am quite satisfied because quite a few theories which I didn't understand have been solved and answered. The 1-to-1 tutorial is the most professional and effective support. It was totally customised. I am happy with everything.”

Ruonan Liu, TESOL, Newcastle University

“What a relief! Because I needed to review for mid-term examination, I didn't get time on the dissertation proposal. Now with academic help offered by Tony, I am much confident with the topic related to investment portfolio and asset pricing now. Thank you very much!”

Lee Chiang, Finance, University of Leicester

“With regard to the first review lesson, the teacher said to give factors and examples by answering the questions would be helpful to earn marks. The more examples, the better. I added many examples to my exam and got A3!”

Melissa Evans, Media, University of Glasgow

“I am a Stage 2 student. We need to write a research method proposal and the deadline is 19th March. It's urgent. I was struggling with which topic to choose. After having the class with Chris, I have had a clear structure now. I would highly recommend WinWin to my friends.”

Melissa Wang, EEE, University of Sheffield

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