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We have in-depth understanding of the academic creteria and standards of British universities. We will break through the professional knowledge and teach complex theories and logics in a simple way.

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Business English Course for ESL Students

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The faculty team is composed of PhDs and professional tutors from TOP30 universities in the UK. We have deep understanding of international students’ language and academic barriers. We know how to help you.

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We have in-depth understanding of academic requirement and grading standards and know how to effectively strengthen your logic, critical thinking and academic writing skills.

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We are well aware of pain points that international students experience in language, knowledge and academic writing. Our rich experience make us become the best team to guide and protact you.

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While we use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, we also protect your information offline.

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Student Feedback

More than 5000 students have successfully get the degree they deserve with WinWin’s help. We believe you will success too.

Marketing, sheffield University, Pre-Master
I really appreciate WinWin's help when studying in the UK. My tutor Jenny taught me how to improve the productivity of pre-master's studies and I successfully upgraded to a master's degree in Sheffield University. Thank you, WinWin!
Jitong Zhang Marketing, sheffield University, Pre-Master
TESOL, Edinburgh University, Postgraduate
With academic support provided by tutor Jennifer, my procrastination have been cured! To meet multiple deadlines, Jennifer guided me to divide the big task into small pieces and focus on the daily milestones. WinWin improved my academic performance, task management skills and self-confidence, which means a lot for me.
Han Lee TESOL, Edinburgh University, Postgraduate
Psychology, UCL, Undergraduate
I had no idea about how to improve my poor academic writing skills. When I found WinWin, I realised my understanding of academic writing and criteria were wrong. My tutor taught me how to use google scholar, take notes and structure my essays. It was very helpful and supportive.
Lizzie Li Psychology, UCL, Undergraduate
Media, Leeds University, Undergraduate
WinWin is the most reliable and professional tutoring organisation in the UK. My tutors were patient academic professionals with rich teaching skills. If my friends had any academic difficulties, I would definitely recommend WinWin to them.
Simon Huang Media, Leeds University, Undergraduate
Architecture, Newcastle University, Undergraduate
WinWin brought positive energy, raised my confidence and accompanied me to go through the toughest period of my UK life. I hope the students who have the same experience like me could have WinWin's support and find their goals of life. ❤️
Shelly Chen Architecture, Newcastle University, Undergraduate